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pigment, decomposed granite⁠
2 x 480 x 480 inches⁠

Curated by Julien Frydman

Galerie La Patinoire Royale Bach, Brussels

In its iconic nave, the Patinoire Royale Bach presents, for the first time in Europe, a selection of historic works by the internationally renowned multidisciplinary artist Lita Albuquerque, one of the few women artists associated with the Light and Space movement and Land Art.

The exhibited works, some monumental, reflect the artist's favourite materials: stone and pigment. Combining geometric forms and natural elements, they invite us to reflect deeply on our relationship with the environment, the duality between earth and sky, and the transience of light and space. They foreshadow her more recent creations, such as the film Liquid Light (2022), which was presented at the 59th Venice Biennale.

Spine of the Earth, a masterful installation at the heart of the exhibition, stretches across 150 metres of floor space. The installation at the Patinoire Royale Bach is a revival of Lita Albuquerque's most complex ephemeral work, in terms of both scale and geometric articulation, which was originally created in the Mojave Desert in California in the autumn of 1980.

Photography by GRAYSC

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