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Blue cast glass, Brazilian blue granite, gold leaf, black polished granite, copper, stainless steel, polished glass, dimensions vary. 

South Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA


A complex redevelopment project for the city of Los Angeles, Site, Memory, Reflection was conceived for the One Percent for the Arts program. Approaching the site as a puzzle piece in a city puzzle, Albuquerque integrated it into the language of the surrounding architecture and city life. For example, the negative space created by a fountain determined the form of a sculptural element, the pyramid atop the neighboring library is echoed in the work’s circular medallion, and the fifty foot black polished granite monolith had the same measurements and reference to the monolithic building in back of it.


A room dedicated to the site of the church that had been there, is under the stair landing, square in proportion and domed.  The dome is gold leafed and is reflected on the black polished granite circle below with a photo emulsion of Planet Earth.  Hence, the church has been replaced by our most sacred image, Planet Earth.

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