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Pigment, boulder, copper.

Curated by Robert Hori.

Huntington Botanical Gardens and Library, Japanese Bamboo Grove.


The work features an approximately three-ton slab of rock surrounded by bamboo stalks that are affixed with copper bands that glint under leaf-filtered sunlight.


Albuquerque said of the work: “2020 is the year of perfect vision. We are in a time of expanded perception where we are shifting from a perspective that is human to one of the human in the cosmos. I have placed Red Earth in this intimate setting, in the heart of the bamboo grove of the Japanese Garden at The Huntington, to represent the earth—the heart even—of the planet in its stillness. The copper rings around the bamboo are flickering lights in constant motion, dancing with sunlight and wind. It is through that stillness that we can discover the motion of the cosmos and our place within it. Red Earth slows down the present to intensify the time that is passing. Where the boulder sits is where the stillness of the human lives.” 


photography by Karl Puchlik

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