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Video projection, salt, pigment on plaster, wood plinth, dimensions vary.

Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach


Sound by Sussan Deyhim.


Lita Albuquerque’s installation Particle Horizon complemented her large-scale performance work, An Elongated Now. Both installation and performance are reminders, in the artist’s words, “that the human being is the architecture that houses the connection and relationship between art and nature.” 

Central in the installation, is a figure made of plaster and covered in blue pigment  in a horizontal position on two blocks of aluminum on top of a plinth, seemingly  floating in a space of moving projections and sound.  The figure lies in a state of suspended reality, at one time referencing the past self, at another alluding to the future, the never-ending “now.” The sculpture and the salt around it give form and shape to the matter that surrounds and composes the “everyday”. The figure, a cast of the artist's body, corresponds to the central character of a narrative Albuquerque authored in 2003 entitled, GENiUS Remembered. The character is a 25th century female astronaut who has come to the earth in 6000 BC to seed interstellar consciousness and teach us the language of the stars.

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