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Walking performance, blue dress.

Giza Plateau, Egypt.

The artist’s writings author the telling of a 25th century female astronaut, Najma, who teaches the language of light to the inhabitants of planet earth. The performance serves as, in part, a call back to Albuquerque’s installation Sol Star, completed 25 years prior on the opposite side of the plateau. Najma walks across the sand before falling to her knees in reverential grief.


Following the performance, Albuquerque recalled a line from the Akashic records: “it took 200,000 years in the past, and 200,000 years in the future for you to arrive at this moment.” This timely message is Albuquerque’s inspiration to posit her work as path towards a future cosmology, where the female astronaut takes us, and where we’ve gained the urgently required interstellar consciousness of the 25th century.

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