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Curated by Elizabeta Betinski and Neville Wakefield.

59th La Biennale di Venezia, Biennale Arte 2022.

Presented by bardoLA.

Collateral Event, Olivolo, Venice, Italy. 


Albuquerque’s Liquid Light is a multidimensional experience that features the world premiere of Albuquerque’s new film by the same name, exhibited in harmony with the artist’s signature installation, gestures that have earned her a celebrated place in the Light and Space and Land Art movements, both nationally and abroad. An amalgam of iconography, biography, and emotional landscapes that embody a deeply personal mythology, Albuquerque’s film, the second film in a trilogy, is exhibited as a multi-screen installation, inviting the viewer into the 25th century female astronaut’s journey. Filmed on location in Bolivia, the film is exhibited in concert with installation components created locally in collaboration with Venetians, from glass blowers and artisans, to beekeepers and farmers.


“My 25th century astronaut character seeks to reacquaint us with our stellar origins. As she takes on human form, she re-experiences a myth from Lake Titicaca where an ancient being was said to bring light in the form of gold to earth and is caught between her mission and her newly embodied human emotions. Her mission is incomplete and she will return –there is an inextinguishable fire she feels in attempting to bring the knowledge of the celestial to the terrestrial,” - Albuquerque.

LIQUID LIGHT film trailer

Presented by bardoLA

Supported by
Compound, Long Beach, California
Ronnie Rubin

Homeira Goldstein
Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles, California
Peter Blake Gallery, Laguna Beach, California

Film Credits:
Choreography and dance by Jasmine Albuquerque
Cinematography by David McFarland ⁠
Editing by Nicole McDonald
Costumes by Jillian Oliver⁠
Co-produced by Briana Gonzales
Co-produced and drone footage by Marc Breslin

Venezia Collaborators:
Art Events
Wave Murano Glass
Simone Cenedese Glass Studio
LT Group Fine Arts Solutions

Exhibition Design:
Nicole McDonald
Mattia Casalegno⁠

Photography by Ugo Carmeni

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