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A three room installation with sound, sculpture and video, dimensions vary.

University of Southern California


In collaboration with Robert Kramer and Harold Budd.


In 1983, the USC Fisher Museum of Art exhibited Abhasa: Image-Bearing Light, a groundbreaking multi-media, ephemeral and immersive environmental installation by Lita Albuquerque. In collaboration with architect Robert Kramer and composer Harold Budd, Albuquerque filled Fisher’s largest spaces with a myriad of floating projections.  Budd’s haunting music and Kramer’s visionary constructions provided a kind of mobilier for Lita’s surreal and singular universe. Abhasa’s technology, advanced for its time, permitted the realization of a complex, somewhat delirious experience, an entry point into an otherworldly dimension. Albuquerque’s imagery, at the heart of the installation, opened up new avenues for her work.

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