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20/20: ACCELERANDO, 2016

Performance and video installation.

Curated by Grant Johnson.

University of Southern California Fisher Museum of Art, Los Angeles


Tracing the relationship between humanity and the cosmos, 20/20: Accelerando follows the journey of a 25th century female astronaut in the year 6,000 BCE on a mission to spread interstellar consciousness. Crash-landing onto Earth, she forgets her mission, prompting her to embark on a journey of remembrance and self-discovery: “Where was I? And why was I awakening at this moment, on this planet?” 


Albuquerque’s imagery carries the viewer out of the everyday and into a space of wonderment, triggering memory and mystery. 

For 20/20: Accelerando, Robbie C. Williamson created the original score as well as working on all aspects of the film as did artist, Marc Breslin. Cassandra Bickman created the language used in the film for the main character, as well as singing the libretto. Together, they have adapted GENiUS Remembered, a text Albuquerque began in 2003, into 20/20: Accelerando, a hypnotic film installation that melds myth, nature and sound. 

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