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Video, 2 minutes, 27 seconds.


In collaboration with Chandler McWilliams and Jon Beasley.


Inspired by the similarity of a beekeeper’s and an astronaut’s suit, and with research she had done on the correlation between bees and stars, Albuquerque imagined them respectively as keepers of biological life and guardian of the stars. Albuquerque created this video in collaboration with Chandler McWilliams and Jon Beasley where they designed a program to simulate the interchangeability of particles in the universe.  

Beekeeper is a pair of video projections controlled by generative computer software.  The individual pixels that make up the image of the beekeeper separate and move out into space, dissolving the solid form into its constituent parts, spread until the entire wall is covered in a sea of slowly moving pixels, then reverse direction, heading for their original position. The software allows each pixel to choose its own unique path every time, creating a work in a constant state of becoming.

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